Meet Elissa

NIA Development Founder and Principal Consultant Elissa Frazier

Elissa Frazier is the Founder and Principal Consultant at NIA Development. Her passion for building the capacity of others, equity-centered practices, and innovative thinking in education drives the work that she does.


Elissa specializes in professional & organizational development in the areas of culturally responsive curriculum design, equity-centered tech integration, and continuous improvement through facilitation, data dives, and coaching. 

She draws from extensive knowledge as an educator having served in several K20 capacities as a teacher, instructional coach, teacher-educator, researcher, and evaluator. 


Her ability to understand the needs of intersecting communities of practice is an asset as well her professional and personal knowledge of the challenges teachers face when creating learning environments that are designed for all kids to thrive.

Her current research focuses on culturally responsive teaching with technology & digital equity in K12 schools. Elissa lives with her wonderful husband and fantastic kids. She is also a proud Autism advocate.